4th International Workshop on Context-Oriented Programming

ECOOP ECOOP logo Beijing, China

11 June 2012


8:00 Conference check-in
8:45 Welcome [slides]
9:00 Paper presentation [slides]
  Declarative Layer Composition in Framework-Based Environments by Appeltauer and Hirschfeld
9:30 Paper presentation [slides]
  Uniting Global and Local Context Behavior with Context Petri Nets by Cardozo et al
10:00 Coffee break
10:45 Paper presentation [slides]
  DynamicSchema: A Lightweight Persistency Framework for Context-Oriented Data Management by Castro et al
11:15 Paper presentation [slides]
  Bridging Real-World Contexts and Units of Behavioral Variations by Composite Layers by Kamina et al
11:45 Lightning talk [slides]
  Modeling Context Changes and Layers: A Use Case Driven Approach by Kamina et al
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Paper presentation [slides]
  Scoping Changes in Self-Supporting Development Environments with Context-Oriented Programming by Lincke and Hirschfeld
14:00 Lightning talk [slides]
  Contextual Talents by Ressia
14:15 Lightning talk [slides]
  Context Petri Nets: Definition, Analysis, Debugging and Execution of Context-aware Systems by Cardozo et al
14:30 Short discussion
14:45 Coffee break
15:15 Work slot
16:15 Wrap up
16:30 End
18:00 Microsoft open house at MSR offices

Work slots are meant for plenary discussions, break-out group work, spontaneous presentations and demonstrations, or any other activity that might be proposed in relation to the ideas presented throughout the day.