Ambience is an object-based computation model aimed at supporting highly dynamic behaviour adaptation to changing contexts. AmOS provides dedicated mechanisms to manage changing contexts and deal with run-time adaptation of applications to those contexts.

Context Petri nets (CoPN)

Context Petri nets is a runtime model for context-oriented systems based on Petri nets. Context Petri nets provide a semantics that allows to ensure consistency and composability of context-oriented systems.


HEAL is a tool for diagnosing and correcting design inconsistencies in source code based on an abductive logic reasoning engine.

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Mendel is a source code recommendation tool that integrates with the Cincom VisualWorks Smalltalk IDE. Based on the entity the developer currently browses, Mendel employs a genetics-inspired metaphor to analyze source-code entities related to the current working context and provides its user with a number of recommended properties (naming conventions, used types, invoked messages, etc.) that the source code entity currently being worked on should exhibit.


Subjective-C is a context-oriented programming language build on top of Objective-C, a mainstream language for mobile device programming.

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