Workshop on Knowledge-Based Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Maja DHondt, Kim Mens, Ellen Van Paesschen
Workshop on Knowledge-Based Object-Oriented Software Engineering
Maja DHondt, Kim Mens, Ellen Van Paesschen
In Proceedings
Book title
Object-Oriented Technology ECOOP 2002 Workshops and Posters
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
J. H. Nunes, A. M. D. Moreira


The complexity of software domains such as the financial industry, television and radio broadcasting, hospital management and rental business is steadily increasing and knowledge management of businesses is becoming more important with the demand for capturing business processes. On the other hand the volatility of software development expertise needs to be reduced. These are symptoms of a very significant tendency towards making knowledge of different kinds explicit: knowledge about the domain or the business, knowledge about developing software, and even meta-knowledge about these kinds of knowledge. Examples of approaches that are directly related to this tendency or could contribute to it are knowledge engineering, ontologies, conceptual modeling, domain analysis and domain engineering, business rules, work-flow management and research presented at conferences and journals on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering and Automated Software Engineering, formerly known as Knowledge-Based Software Engineering. Whereas this community already contributed for years to research in knowledge engineering applied to software engineering but also vice versa, this workshop intended to focus on approaches for using explicit knowledge in various ways and in any of the tasks involved in object-oriented programming and software engineering. Another goal of this workshop is to bridge the gap between the aforementioned community and the ECOOP community. On the one hand, this workshop was a platform for researchers interested in the symbiosis of knowledge-based or related methods and technologies with object-oriented programming or software development. On the other hand it welcomed practitioners confronted with the problems in developing knowledge-intensive software and their approach to tackling them.

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