MoVES Fundamental Issues in Software Engineering: Modelling, Verification and Evolution of Software

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MoVES (P6/39) is part of the IAP-Phase VI Interuniversity Attraction Poles Programme funded by the Belgian State, Belgian Science Policy. The goal of MoVES is to establish and sustain a network of researchers, that perform high-quality research in the context of Modelling, Verification and Evolution of Software. It involves partners from each of the following Belgian universities: FUNDP, KUL, VUB, UA, UCL, ULB, ULg.
Total budget
400.000 for UCL partner
From, January 1, 2007 until December 31, 2011.
In 2011 the project was prolonged with two months until February 29, 2012.
Kim Mens, Sebastian Gonzalez, Angela Lozano, Sergio Castro, Nicolas Cardozo