Variability at ER 2011

Created by Kim Mens at September 22, 2011.

On November 1, 2011 Kim Mens will co-organize a Workshop on Software Variability Management at the ER2011 conference in Brussels.

As software requirements constantly increase in size and complexity, the need for methods, formalisms, tech- niques, tools and languages for managing and evolving software artifacts become crucial. One way to manage variability when dealing with a rapidly growing variety of software products is through developing and main- taining families of software products rather than individual products. Variability management is concerned with controlling the versions and the possible variants of software systems. Variability management gained a special interest in various software-related areas in different phases of the software development lifecycle. These areas include conceptual modeling, product-line engineering, feature analysis, software reuse, configura- tion management, generative programming and programming language design. The purpose of this workshop is to promote the theme of variability management from different perspectives. In particular, it aims at providing a venue for researchers and practitioners interested in software variability management, in order to identify possible points of synergy, common problems and solutions, and visions for the future of the area.

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